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Protective coatings can be applied to your favorite firearm to protect it from the oils on your skin and make it resistant to saltwater, scratches, and chips. Your gun will last longer with gun refinishing services provided by Tuscaloosa Gunsmith in Tuscaloosa, AL.

There are thousands of custom finishes that meet the needs of your industry or agency. You can customize your gun with color or patterns that show off your personality. Any type of firearm and accessory can be customized with gun refinishing.

Before your firearm refinishing, it will be degreased to ensure that all carbon and heavy grease deposits are removed. The surface has to be perfectly clean to accept the finishing coat. Then the parts are bathed in acetone to remove the degreaser. The metal is treated to open its pores accept the coating. A spray coating is preferable to being dipped. The coating is baked onto the metal parts. Then your gun is put back together.

You should note that the gun will need time to cure after the finish is applied. Most manufacturers recommend three to four weeks. It can be reassembled and sent back to you, but you should not use it until it has had time to cure.

Our gunsmiths in Tuscaloosa, AL can help you find the right run refinishing for your needs. We carry many different types of finishes that can restore and protect your gun from harsh conditions. Our gunsmiths provide gun refinishing on older guns that have been improperly cared for.

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Let Tuscaloosa Gunsmith in Tuscaloosa, OK show you the styles and colors available and demonstrate how it will help keep your gun looking professional and newer longer.

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